Old School New Body


     When you think of high-intensity training, what comes to mind? For many, it would be the likes of Shaun T. with insanity training, or maybe the famous Tae Bo videos with Billy Blanks of the 90’s. But what about, Old School New Body, with Steve and Becky Holman? Rather than just the typical aspirations of a great physique as promoted by competitors, Old School New Body simply aspires for you to regain your youthful energy and reverse the aging process. After the age of 40, men and women alike have a 6 month accelerated aging on average for every year that passes.

    Shocking, but not inevitable. With Old School New Body, you can slow this aging process extensively, with specified resistance and cardio training, you can utilize the most proven methods to get you in shape in the quickest amount of time. In addition, you’ll start to feel the clarity of your mind, increased metabolic rate, and healthy sexual appetite. With the training implemented with Old School New Body, you will have more focus at work, and the natural secretion of all of the toxic material that are bodies come into contact with every day will function like new again.

     Remember when you could take a bump on the head without feeling it in the morning? When you took for granted the fact that your body so easily dealt with its toxic environment of which we are all too exposed to today? Well, you can regain that sense with the Old School New Body program. Exercise is our most prominent natural method of releasing toxins out of our body, without it, your aging self will all the more retain these toxins, accelerating your aging, and general unhappiness. Start the Old School New Body Program today, and regain your youth.